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College Rules

1. The cadets are not permitted to keep the following:

  1. Video games, electric appliances, personal computers, mobile phones,
    transistors, any kind of video / audio system.
  2. Medicines other than those authorized by the college doctor or prescribed by their family doctors.
  3. Money other than the authorized pocket money.
  4. Costly wrist watch, gold chains, rings, bracelets, valuables e.t.c.
  5. Undesirable printed material (strongly prohibited).
  6. Explosive / combustible material.

2. Cadets found guilty of the following offenses are liable for expulsion from the college:

  1. Cheating in exams, lying, stealing and any other immoral conduct
  2. Willfully and deliberately damaging the college property
  3. Keeping fire arms or prohibited knives.
  4. Being rude to staff and seniors. Rude behavior of student’s parents /
    guardians towards staff.
  5. Being habitually absent from the class or college without proper permission / reason.
  6. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy, and slovenly.
  7. Continuously giving poor performance in academics.
  8. Nonpayment of college dues in time.
  9. Breach of any college rules.
  10. Unbecoming conduct / unnatural offences.